Outreach in Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Half of our team went to Myanmar (Burma) for two weeks, and the rest of us travelled to “Chiang Mai” city in “Chiang Mai” province.


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We met Emmi in Zion Café and Hostel who is the in charge of “Lighthouse In Action”. Chiang Mai is a tourist city where lots of ungodly things are happening i.e. Human trafficking, prostitution, and many more. We were glad to be part of their ministry. We involved in Red light ministry, Slum ministry, and Monk ministry.

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In monks chats we asked monks about the culture of Thailand, and teaching of Buddha. As we respect them, they got friendly with us. Most of monks who got friendly with us complained that most of Christians they met before insulted them, hasn’t respected them, and has tried to convert their religion by giving bibles. Then they asked about Christianity and the teaching of Jesus. How amazing that is. Isn’t it..? We still got some monks on our FaceBook and do chat with them.

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Adventures in Thailand (First Two Weeks)

First two days we were in YWAM Thailand learning Thai culture, language, thanking God for the given opportunity, and praising and worshiping Him.

We met Pastor Taa in Bangkok, who also ywamer involving in many ministries i.e. gang ministry, mercy ministry, Church building and many more. Then we all stared travelling. We went to “Chachoengsao” province, “Sa Kaeo” province, “Chanthaburi” province, “Rayong” province, “Chon Buri” province, and then back to Bangkok within two weeks.

with Pastor Taa

~with Pastor Taa~

We were doing street evangelism, ministry nights, preaching and teaching the good news, praise and worship, spiritual warfare, and many more. Most of the areas we travelled are unreached areas. They didn’t know Jesus. They were mainly worshiping four spirits and dead peoples’ spirits. Some were nominal Buddhists. We saw how Holy Spirit moved in those areas. We show them the light. We saw the brightness in their eyes. Hope in their eyes. God revealed Himself and many of them accepted Him.

thailand first 2 weeks

~Travelling with the team ~ Photo credit to Benjamin Alles

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Reach out to Thailand

On Saturday the 14th June 2014 morning we left Herrnhut, Germany to the Frankfurt Airport with our team (19 people including 3 leaders). We arrived there in the evening, and all others in our team (excluding both of us) had to take the flight that evening (to Bangkok through Dubai).


We both spent the night there at the Airport and took the Srilankan Air line flight in the evening of the 15th June 2014.

We were in Colombo Bandaranaike Airport on the 16th June for transit (just 2 hours).


And we reached Bangkok on the 16th June 2014 (Suvarnabhumi International Airport).

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As you all got to know from our last post on the 12th June 2014, God provided our air ticket money at the last minute. When we go to book our air tickets, we realized the reason why He provided at the last minute.

All others in our team booked their air ticket before us as we didn’t have money to buy our air tickets on that time. So they booked Emirates Airline (transit through Dubai). If we had money, we could get the same flight with them. Anyway God has perfect plan for us. When we search flights to Thailand from Germany (and return from Thailand to London), we got Srilankan Airline service transit through COLOMBO, Sri Lanka. Wow..!

We thought this is may be His plan for us. So we asked the agent about the duration of the transit in Colombo. He said it is 2hours when we go to Bangkok and 8hours in Colombo when we return to London. I asked how much it will cost extra if we stay atleast 24hours in Sri Lanka when we return. He said it will cost 150 Euros per person. Same time we got a call from our leader Rosemary in London, and she said she will pay that amount and stay few days in Sri Lanka before return to London. Wow..! We will be in Sri Lanka for 4days in August.

We were praying to God since last year that we want to visit Sri Lanka (our families and friends) as we haven’t visit Sri Lanka since 2010, but we didn’t get answer before.

What a plan..! Thank you God for answering our prayers, and your plans are greater than our plans. You are wonderful. You really surprised us..!

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Amazing Story – How God Provides

Amazing Story - How God Provides

Hope you all saw our previous post “€3000 in 11 Days” (we needed this amount to book our air tickets and pay our lecture phase fee). Actually it was in 13 days, BUT because of we are human, we took the deadline forward by 2 days.

On the end of the 11th day we had €1790 and still needed €2210. We failed OUR DEADLINE..! All of others in our team (except both of us) booked their air tickets. We were depressed. BUT we got encouraging words from others saying that we will go to Thailand with them as that is God’s plan.

OK.. This was the time we fully focused and brought this matter unto God.. “God, we didn’t want to go to Thailand, but you told us to go. We did our best to find ways to get funds. We did a newsletter, we wrote it on our blog, we emailed to our friends and families, and we phoned some of our friends in UK..etc, BUT we failed.. This is your time to show your provision.. You are able..!”

“YES God..! You are glorious..! We got €3104 end of the 12th day..!”

Tomorrow we are going to book our tickets. Thank you all for your prayers.

As we will go to Thailand, there is a need of €1750 for the ground fee (lodge, food, traveling..etc) and £130 for the travel insurance.

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€3000 in 11 Days (updates Day 6)

€3000 in 11 Days (updates Day 6)

Wow..! €789 came through within first 6 days.. 5 More days to go.. Need €2211 (excluding lodge, living, and transport expenses in Thailand) more..!

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€3000 in 11 Days (updates)

Image Wow..! €500 came in on the 2nd day..! Thank you Father..! We are in need of just €2500 to reach-out to Thailand with the message about Jesus..!
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€3000 in 11 Days..!

The Lord has blessed us with an incredible opportunity for His kingdom: He has called us YWAM outreach team to Thailand to bring His GOOD NEWS this summer!
We are currently partnering with Jesus through of Youth With A Mission in Herrnhut, Germany doing the “Revive Discipleship Training School”, which is focused on developing intimacy with God through prayer and worship. We are coming to the end of the lecture phase and will leave for the outreach in Thailand (Lord has called our team to go) on the 12th June and will be there for 8 weeks. The Lord has called us to bring His kingdom to Thailand through working with ministries in Bangkok for the first four weeks. The last four weeks, we’ll be doing ministry on the island of Ko Samui, and in the Sichon District (located on the peninsula).

Jesus commissioned us to go to make disciples of all nations. He has told us to “Go,” and we are excited to obey this and see how He will provide! Going into the harvest field for the Lord, it is so necessary to have a team of people in unity/support of us in this first through prayer and also through finances.

Financially, we are in need of  €4600 (for both of us including the air tickets and ground fee in Germany  Thailand). 
Initially we are in need of €3000 before 12th June 2014, as we will leave to Thailand on the 12th June.
We are so thankful and excited for all that the Lord is doing through your life, ours, and others to reach the nations..! You are all absolutely beloved and beautiful! We love you, but mostly…God loves you (more now than anyone ever has)!

We are excited for all that the Lord wants to do in these areas of the world, to see His kingdom come, and to grow in Him! We have such a good Farther who loves to lead us to eternal life through the one true King, Jesus!

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Ministry Support


We are so captivated by all that the Lord is doing right now, and we are so excited to be a part of it..! We cannot wait to see all that He has for this generation and the generations to come! We invite you to partner with us in all the Lord has called us to do for His kingdom through YWAM (London East & Herrnhut, Germany) and Emmanuel Christian Fellowship (Newbury Park, London) in this season of life. If you feel led to partner with us in bringing Jesus to the nations, there are few ways you can partner with us:

1. Ongoing/ Monthly Financial Support
2. Special Gift (one-time donation)
3. Prayer Support

Ongoing/ Monthly Support
We are currently in need of a good team of people who are looking to sow into the kingdom of God through sending laborers into the harvest through ongoing financial support. Your support will allow us to be able to focus entirely on what the Lord has put before us.

How you can partner with us:

Electronic Transfer from your bank using the following designation:
Send the money to the bank account below;
Account Name: Kasun Weerasinghe or Alyna Keyt

Sort Code: 30-94-51
Account Number: 31835468

BIC (Bank Identifier Code): LOYDGB21318IBAN
IBAN (International Bank Account Number): GB94LOYD30945131835468

You can send your gift to Kasun and Alyna at the following address:

(Cheques should be made payable to “KASUN WEERASINGHE” OR “ALYNA KEYT” with a note saying ‘Ministry Support“.)
Please email kasun.weeralion@ymail.com telling us about it so we can identify and use your gift quickly.

Thank you.
Kasun & Alyna


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Testifying Gods Provision

We needed €300 for both of us to go to the outreach in Prague, Czech Republic on the 7th May 2014 until 11th May 2014.
We found an envelope with €200 in Kasun’s letter box on the 30th April (which we proclaimed this in our BLOG on the 06th May and also in our last newsletter on the 06th May). We still needed €100 more.
On the 7th May 2014 (same day afternoon we supposed to go to Prague), we found another envelop with €130 at the same place. Wow..! We paid all €300 and went to Prague. Balance €30 was the exact amount we needed for our expenses during the outreach. How wonderful that. Isn’t it..?

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